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SEG 2014 - In-Booth Presentations

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Ambient Source Technology™

Visit our booth to learn about our new seismic data acquisition method - Ambient Source Technology. We will show you our approach, our results, and how passive data is easily integrated with your dataset.

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SEG 2014

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Ambient Source Technology™

NodalSeismic's Data Acquisition Services:

  • Simultaneous Recording of Active-Source and Passive Seismic Data
  • Passive-Only Surveys: Upgrade Previous Active-Source Surveys
  • Passive Data Processing
  • Passive Monitoring and Induced Seismicity Surveys
  • Cable-Free Acquisition

Higher Value Data with our Acquisition Package:

Passive data provides subsurface information that cannot be achieved with traditional surface surveys.

Our data acquisition package includes active-source + passive seismic data collection and passive processing to give you a more complete subsurface image.

Our Results:

  • A better earth model derived from the complete recording of signals traversing the survey area
  • Extract rock properties not available through traditional seismic surveys  
  • A better solution to near-surface statics than the refraction-based method with improved velocity model
  • Higher value data that reduces your investment risk

Our Method:

Ambient Source Technology

  • Simultaneous recording of active-source and passive data
  • Patented survey design techniques optimize passive data collection with active-source spreads
  • Passive data processing methods used to extract velocity information from the passive data to enhance the active-source data
    • Shallow subsurface velocity model
    • Additional Analyses: Background seismicity, travel-time tomography, receiver functions
  • Processing Flow: NodalSeismic processes the passive data to generate a velocity model and static solutions. These are delivered in a form readily usable by your seismic processing vendor.