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NodalSeismic is a technologically advanced geophysical firm that provides 2-D, 3-D and 4-D seismic data acquisition for a variety of industries, primarily oil and gas exploration.

Having used every type of land system on the market, the company has found a unique combination of cable-free technology, strategic planning, and low-impact implementation to produce the most efficient, cost-effective and high-quality results.

What we are about

Safety first. The best results come from the best business practices. Our strong HSE management system is based on integrity and respect for human beings, the environment, and the life that inhabits our Earth. We believe in an approach to safety that engages our employees to think, make informed decisions, and be considerate with every action.

Providing great data. We developed our seismic system with specific technology, a unique approach to that technology, and the safest practices in order to provide our clients with the most accurate and highest quality seismic data. Our product was designed to be extremely reliable and flexible, to be used in any on-shore terrain.

The science. Our team is passionate about the science behind what we do. For the good of business and humankind, our goal is to create a deep understanding of the structures that lie beneath our country and communities. This understanding is critical to the strategic production of oil and gas, the improvement of building codes, the study of earthquakes, and the overall advancement of geology.

Great people. We take pride in the people that make NodalSeismic what it is. Our team members are intelligent, considerate, caring, and driven to do the best work to deliver amazing results.

Looking to the future. NodalSeismic was the first seismic company to utilize completely cable-free and wire-free node technology. We were also the first company to conduct and successfully acquire 3-D seismic data in a dense urban environment. We aim to have more industry “firsts” and will continue to progress and push the nearly limitless possibilities of our cable-free data acquisition system.

Experience the Benefit of Working with NodalSeismic
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