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Technology & Innovation

NodalSeismic innovated the use of completely cable-free seismic data acquisition.

Cable-free/wire-free node technology is central to our strategy to get the data you need in the quickest, most efficient, and cost effective way. Each node acts as a pixel in a geometric array that produces an unprecedented, high-definition subsurface image. Our technology and approach create high flexibility. We can easily capture data in rural farmlands without worrying about animals chewing through lines of cable, and in environmentally sensitive areas, rocky terrain, and dense urban environments.

Passive data

Continuous-recording technology makes it possible to detect and record earthquakes in a way that gives a better understanding of earthquake velocity models, which can help to strengthen structural building codes, natural hazard prevention, and mitigation.

In early 2011, NodalSeismic recorded a multitude of natural earthquakes with our high-density seismic array deployed for a reflection 3-D seismic survey in Long Beach, CA. The nodes were able to record and demonstrate ground motion caused by earthquakes as they propagated across our seismic array.

SmartSolo IGU-16 5hz

SmartSolo is based on DT-SOLO, the high-sensitivity geophone and focuses on the principal of seismic exploration which is known as 3W(Wave = high fdelity signal;When = accurate timing;and Where = the location), incorporated with electronics and software technologies in mobile internet era. This smart sensor provides adequate info for highest-quality seismic data acquisition while keeping its functions and structure as simple as possible. Electronics and software technologies are super reliable, mature and cost-efective in mobile internet era. These technologies are used for SmartSolo at maximum possible scale. The result: the geophone is something smart, reliable, user-friendly, cost-effective and could run in any harsh environment.


  • Improved Safety

  • Greater Efficiency

  • Higher Resolution Data

  • Increased Coverage

  • Better Data Quality

IVI Hemi 60 'birdwagen'


The 61,000 pound output vibrator offers broadband
output and a high signal to noise ratio for the deepest
surveys. The advanced features include high delity
output, 4 speed transmissions, variable speed hydraulic
motors, noise limiting systems, and ergonomic operator
features. Wagon wheel articulated steering, which was
rst introduced to the geophysical industry by IVI in 1984,
offers safe and reliable off road operation. The unique IVI
traction system delivers the massive tractive effort, and
the terrain following capability needed in rugged
geophysical prospects.


  • 61,000 Pound Vibrator

  • Hydraulic Drive Articulated 4x4 vehicle

  • Proven Performance

Experience the Benefit of Working with NodalSeismic
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