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A Proactive Approach to HSE Management

The health and safety of our employees, contractors, community members, and the environment are the primary concern of our operations. The goals of our training programs are to prevent injury and form a behavioral approach to safety that engages every employee to be alert and safe, no matter how small the task.

An Exemplary Safety Record

We know that the best results come from the best business practices. From management to supporting staff, we believe in an HSE approach that is based on integrity and respect for humankind, the environment, and the life that inhabits our Earth.

HSE System Highlights
  • Behavioral-based HSE training

  • Refinery access training

  • Client specific training (as needed)

3rd Party Audits

ProForma Safety audits biannually.

NodalSeismic Membership
  • PICS

  • ISNetworld

Regulatory Agencies

In every region in which we operate, our comprehensive HSE system is central to our everyday actions. It is based upon, and surpasses, the recommendations of these agencies:

  • OSHA − Occupational Safety and Health Administration

  • IAGC − International Association of Geophysical Contractors

  • OGP − Association of Oil and Gas Producers

Safety Benefits of our Cable-Free System

Our lightweight system weighs approximately 1/10 the weight of cable per station, and requires less crew and less physical stress on crewmembers.

  • Zero troubleshooting

  • Lightweight

  • Less equipment required

  • Less repetitive motion involved

  • Less men needed on each crew

On an 84-square-mile job, we use half the manpower that would be required with a cable crew.

For further information on our safety program, contact us:

Experience the Benefit of Working with NodalSeismic
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